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The Custom Domain feature (available to Power Pack addon users) lets you use your own domain for your booking website.

Once you have added the DNS entry at your domain registrar (see below for instructions), your FixAppt booking site will be reachable at your custom domain. This means that customers will only see your company domain name everywhere including in their browser address bar, menu items and hyperlinks. 

If your custom domain is :

  • Booking Site - >
  • Customer Portal ("My Bookings") - >
  • Employee Portal - >

Your admin dashboard is always accessible at both your FixAppt subdomain ( and your custom domain (eg.

Adding DNS records at your domain registrar / host

You will need to create a CNAME record at your domain registrar (where you registered/renewed it) or where your domain's DNS is currently managed (eg. Cloudflare, or your web host).

  1. On your domain provider’s website, log in to your account
  2. Find the DNS settings or domain management area
  3. In the Host or Alias field, enter the subdomain that you want to connect to your FixAppt booking site
  4. In the Type or Record Type field, enter CNAME
  5. Point the CNAME record for your subdomain to
  6. Save your changes

As every registrar/host has its own interface and methods of creating DNS records, please approach your registrar/host for assistance if you run into any trouble completing the above.

Example: Adding CNAME on SiteGround

DNS changes may take time to fully propagate worldwide. Please reach out to our support team if 48 hours has elapsed and your custom domain is still not resolving correctly.

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